The Home Owner's Resource Guide, or simply the Resource Guide, is a local magazine available for free at many area businesses! We invite you to browse our website to learn more about us and your local businesses!


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You can pick up your free copy of the Resource Guide magazine at many local businesses. Visit the Distribution Listings page for a list of local businesses offering the magazine in your area.

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Any local resident or visitor to your community can benefit from this magazine. The Resource Guide contains helpful and informative articles about health, entertainment, lifestyle, home ownership and more. It offers information about related local businesses and a handy directory so readers can easily get in touch with them. There's no reason you shouldn't want to pick up a copy for yourself!

Local businesses should also be interested. The Home Owner's Resource guide is an excellent way to reach potential customers thanks to its availability in a wide variety of locations. We connect businesses and customers in a unique and satisfying way.

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