The Resource Guide - what it is, where to find it, and how to contact us!

The Home Owner's Resource Guide, or simply the Resource Guide, is a magazine published in the Iowa Great Lakes Area and many other communities for many years. It is a high quality, full color publication containing numerous helpful articles for any local resident or visitor to the area, not just home owners! Article categories include Buying a Home, Selling a Home, Community Information, and Tips from the Pros where local experts from your own community provide helpful information. The magazine also contains helpful contact and service information for preferred local businesses.

The Resource Guide is distributed for for free out of many local businesses. Visitors and customers at these businesses are invited to pick up and take home a complimentary copy of the magazine. Local business information is placed throughout the magazine alongside helpful and exciting articles. The magazine also includes a helpful business directory which assists readers in quickly locating the contact information for any service they are in need of.


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